Month: November 2017

Opinion: Traveling to Salone. Do you need a “travel agent” or should you book your own flight?

Soon it will be that time of the year. December. When Sierra Leoneans near and far leave the hustle and bustle of the overseas life and venture to Sierra Leone for some much needed fun and sun. This means many have or had to at one point prior to their trip book their flight. For many this perhaps involved a middleman, a travel agent. But is this travel agent really necessary?

Businesses: Kalibondo

Kalibondo offers freight and shipment services of goods and cars to Sierra Leone. Kalibondo offers it’s service to customers in the East Coast region of the United States (New York to North Carolina) and for a small fee will deliver your shipment to it’s final destination in Sierra Leone. Check out their website here for shipment dates, online booking and other information.

Opinion: To website or not to website? That is the question

When it comes to business there are many ways in which you can operate. For example you can choose to go all out and do a lot of branding, get business cards and a website or you can choose to operate mostly based on word of mouth and direct contact via phone/email for those interested in your product/service. In this article, we would like to discuss websites and why getting a website for your small/still developing business may not be a bad idea.