Month: October 2018

How decision makers should approach making socially responsible and sustainable business decisions

We hear it time and again, business dealings, investment or development deals which ends up negatively impacting the people who should benefit from them. These deals negatively impact people through environmental, economical, social and many other ways. And sometimes when we hear about these deals we can’t help but wonder how could the decision makers  enter into such a bad deal?

2018 Doing Business Rankings: Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone was ranked 160 out of 190 in the 2018 Doing Business rankings by the World Bank. 190 Economies are ranked on the ease of doing business in that country and a high ease of doing business means that the regulatory environment is more conducive to starting a business. The five easiest countries in the world to do business (countries with the lowest score) were New Zealand, Singapore, Denmark, South Korea and Hong Kong. The five hardest countries to do business starting from the most difficult are Somalia, Eritrea, Venezuela, South Sudan and Yemen.  In Sub-Saharan Africa the highest ranked countries are Mauritius, Rwanda, Kenya, Botswana and South Africa (ranked worldwide 25, 41 and 81-82 respectively).