NGC’s Dr. Kandeh Yum- Kella has spoken on the recent controversial salary demands of Parliamentarians

In a video posted on his Party’s, National Grand Coalition or “NGC” Facebook page, Dr. Kandeh Yum-Kella or KKY as he’s frequently referred to mentioned that he was at the airport on his way to Sierra Leone. He mentions that he understands the concerns of people over the compensation demands and that he has recommended that the compensation demands be thoroughly reviewed and considered for reasonableness in light of the current inflation in the country and  rise in fuel prices among other things.

Our honest take on the video is that based on comments made by KKY he might be alluding to reasons why the compensation recommendation is reasonable. Most notably Vickie Remoe has expressed on Twitter disappointment in NGC and KKY for their seeming support of this proposal. Given KKY’s background and experience working overseas as an agricultural economist, an under secretary in the UN, among other positions, do we expect him to know better and therefore do better?

Don’t forget that the NGC party was a disrupter in the most recent elections where they spoke of change in a manner that seemed to resonate with a lot of Sierra Leoneans. NGC performed respectably in the elections and has now become a player in Sierra Leoneans political climate where All Peoples Congress “APC” and Sierra Leone’s People Party “SLPP” have previously dominated. As mentioned previously it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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