What I learned from one of Sierra Leone’s preeminent DJ’s about business.



It was in late 2017 when I decided to finally put the idea which I had for “SL Biz” then SLBiz.info into action. Since I wanted the site to feature businesses so that Sierra Leoneans all over the world could find Sierra Leonean vendors, I went about building a portfolio of different businesses from various countries. This is how I came across Reginald’s twitter page. I contacted him along with a couple other Sierra Leonean djs all over the world with a well crafted introduction. He was the only who responded. He had a few questions but was happy to be featured on my site. He even provided the information I asked for in a timely manner.

I have known him for going on a year now and ended up exchanging contact details with him. In my time knowing him he has being a constant source of inspiration and eventually inspired me to pursue Sierra Leone Biz ardently  because it is something that I believe in deeply.

Coming up on his DJ Rampage Mega Jam Festival , after taking a look at his sponsorship proposal, I became convinced that I needed to do this article. Here are the five things I’ve learned from him about business.

  1. Be consistent. I often tease him because even on holidays he will post something business related on whatsapp. Whether it is something promoting his brand or business or promoting others as he often does a lot (see #2) he never relents on his work. No matter what is going on, Reggie is focused on growing his brand. He is on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Soundcloud. When talking to others I often use him as an example of someone who is always on their grind.
  2. He supports other businesses. Reggie supports other businesses all the time, not just musicians/artists by the way. In my time knowing him I have seen him post a flyer for many different businesses on whatsapp. There is something uplifting about uplifting other people. Seeing him promote other businesses is very uplifting and a major reminder that the sky is wide enough for us all to succeed.
  3. He invests in his business. And it shows. His content keeps improving. I often time have to suggest to businesses how they can step up their game; which I am happy to do. However with Reggie I have found very few room for improvement. Perhaps…that he should have his own website as well!
  4. Believe in yourself no matter what. There are times that Reggie will post something on Twitter that garners few interaction. I’m sure we can all relate to that as we navigate social media and put ourselves out there. Yet that doesn’t phase him one bit and the promotion on social media continues.
  5. He appreciates every bit of support. Growing myself, there is not a tremendous amount that I can do for Reginald. Yet he is always gracious and appreciate when I do repost something of his. Or interact with him and show interest/excitement when he puts content out.  Or tell him congratulations for his many nominations. He is both a nominee in the upcoming SLEA and NEA award shows.

There you have it, the five things I have learned from DJ Rampage. Perhaps you reading this have a dream or goal and can relate to this. You are probably already following him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But please don’t forget to also go to his show if you are in Sierra Leone.

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