Limey Social: a serious contender in Sierra Leone’s social media space


And when we say serious we mean serious. Before we get to our review of this app we want to make it clear that this review is not sponsored. We came across this app on Twitter, downloaded the app and created a profile for this Social networking platform that strives to do a lot. We were thoroughly impressed and here’s why.

This app has a lot of features and functionality that you have become used to due to Facebook and other social media platforms. If you’re used to easily spending 30 minutes on Facebook or Instagram scrolling from page to page or interacting with your contacts then don’t worry, you will not be bored on Limey Social. What was especially nice is that this app not only has a Sierra Leone focus (you can choose your network based on locations in Sierra Leone (i.e. Freetown, Kabala and others) you still get world sports and other news on the app. There is also job adverts that you can take a look at. You can check out and RSVP to upcoming events and listen to special playlists. You can also watch Sierra Leonean TV stations and listen to various radio stations in Sierra Leone through the app. We had some issues accessing the TV/Radio sections however.

For example, the first time we tried to watch TV there was sound and we could hear clearly; but we had some trouble with the next time. Also during our first try only AYV and FTN TV worked but we had better luck the next time with some more channels. The radio feature did not seem to work either times. The app also performed smoother on our first try. So definitely a few functionality issues to be looked into by the developers but overall the app worked easily 90% of the time. Overall this is a great app that we would recommend more Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad give a chance to stay in the know and keep up with the pulse of Sierra Leone. With over 12,000 members currently, it is growing.

We decided to record our experience using this app.  As mentioned there’s a lot you can do on this app so we did not cover everything due to time. Check out the videos below. Definitely give this app and try and let us know what you think.

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