King Dus Arts 10 days Festival- November 22nd- December 1st

VIDEO Source: @kingdusarts (Official Instagram Page)

A 10 day festival celebrating visual arts will take place in Freetown, Sierra Leone starting on November 22nd. The event will feature live arts shows, extra curricular active, live performances and other forms of entertainment that the producers of the event have said will be suitable for Families, therefore children may attend.  The aim of the festival is to increase awareness of visual, creative and performing arts in Sierra Leone and to provide a platform for visual artists to showcase their work.

The event hopes to diffuse some love, improvement and encouragement; using art as a form of therapy.

According to information posted for the event on eventbrite the event will feature the following activities:

Friday 23rd November- Workshop, Poetry Slam- TOK NA FREE

Saturday 24th November- Colour the Sky Street Carnival

Sunday 25th November- Film Screening

Tuesday 27th November- Street Art, Arts under the Starz

The King Dus Arts festival is organized by the International Art Development Foundation that aims to deliver creatives practices and to make creativity visible and accessible.


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