Kenya’s PLO Lumumba who was recently denied entry into Zambia to give talk on China’s influence on Africa’s economy; is set to give a lecture on anti corruption in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone in tradition with its increasing focus to stop corruption has announced that there will be a public lecture titled “Retracing  the ‘Athens of Africa’; The Centrality of the Fight Against Corruption in Achieveing President Julius Maada Bio’s Vision of a Reborn Prosperous Sierra Leone”.

The lecture will be delivered by Professor Patrick Loch Otieno “PLO” Lumumba from Kenya on December 8th at 4 pm at the Miatta Conference Center in Sierra Leone. This event is brought to the people by Sierra Leone’s Anti Corruption Commission “ACC” to mark the International Anti Corruption day.

PLO  Lumumba is an accomplished lawyer and professor who has rallied against corruption in Kenya. An author and eloquent speaker, he was denied entry into Zambia in September where he was meant to give a lecture against the growing influence of China on Africa’s affairs at Eden University. This occurred at a time that it has been said that China’s grip on Zambia’s economy is getting stronger.

The title of the event references the “Athens of Africa” which Sierra Leone was known as for due to the country having the first institution of higher learning in West Africa,  Fourah Bay College. Francis Ben Kaifala Sierra Leone’s ACC commissioner announced the event, sharing the following video on his Twitter. Sitting to the public is free contingent on the availability of spaces.


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