Business Spotlight: Lion Mountains Agrico Ltd

Lion Mountains Agrico Ltd is a vertically integrated rice producer in Sierra Leone meaning that they grow, prepare or mill, package and distribute rice. They are involved in all parts of the supply chain. They are headquartered in Bo and sell rice both retail and wholesale. They have their “Outgrowers” program where they buy rice from other small rice growers in Bo and other districts. This way these small rice growers have an access to Lion Mountain’s vast network.


Photos source: Lion Mountains website

Lion Mountains sells a variety of rice in Bo and the surrounding districts. Rice such as rough rice, jasmine rice, brown rice, parboiled rice in white and red white varities. They sell their rice in satchels with a quantity of five cups which is how Sierra Leoneans typically purchase their rice in the market.

They use small shops or kiosks to sell their rice in Bo and the surrounding districts. They use their fleet of trucks to travel around the country and distribute their rice to wholesale and retail customers.




To find our more about Lion Mountains and their operations please click here to visit their website.

Rice is a food staple in Sierra Leone and our rice imports have gone up over the years according to the below graph by the U.S. Department of Agriculture  .There are sentiments that more locally produced rice is needed to rely less on imported rice.



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