Diasporans will be able to pay online for the medication of loved ones; Cotton Tree Pharmacy opens in Sierra Leone.

There is a new pharmacy in Sierra Leone which aims to provide safe and quality medication to those in need and with a valid prescription. This mission will be accomplished by a variety of services which this pharmacy will offer. The Cotton Tree Pharmacy was founded by a Sierra Leonean but U.S. based physician Dr. Fouad Sheriff.

The pharmacy is owned by a group of Diasporans. Besides striving to provide medication in a safe and controlled manner, what is special about this pharmacy is that individuals in the diaspora will be able to pay for the medications of people in Sierra Leone. This very well may save the lives of patients who genuinely need help but may have not received the help they needed in the past due to lack of funds availability in a timely manner or mistrust. We checked the website which is under construction and will be up soon. Additionally the pharmacy offers free and complimentary medical check ups; door to door medication delivery, fulfillment of overseas/foreign prescriptions according to their Facebook page. Cotton Tree pharmacy is located at 17 Demba Road, Freetown Sierra Leone. In the video below which has been shared on WhatsApp  Dr. Sheriff discusses what makes his pharmacy unique. To read more about Dr. Sheriff and his background please check out Swit Salone .




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