Sai Sankoh launches collection

Featured image : Senegalese Goddess Kaftan

Sai Sankoh launched her collection today and it is exactly what you would expect: Bold, striking and luxurious travel inspired pieces. And they are already selling out so definitely check out the collection ASAP if you’re looking to invest in some stand out pieces.

As shown below her line features bold colors, prints and cuts. From the bold colors to the mixed cheetah and zebra prints in some cases it’s hard not to stand out in her line. We liked that every piece features an imagined bio of the girl wearing it. This addition to each piece in her collection shows that Sai definitely thought about the personality or emotions which she was trying to evoke with each piece. Last time we checked her “Rihanna” piece was sold out already and so was her Kimora piece. Sai herself models each look exuding boldness and confidence. It was difficult to choose but here are some looks from her collection.




Tanzania Goddess Kaftan


Sahara Goddess Kaftan


Florence Gown Kafta

Prices range from $95 for some separates to $795 for the last piece above which is 100% silk. Much of her line features French crepe fabric. While majority of this collection features Kaftans, there are some non-Kaftan pieces. Click  here to check out the entire collection.

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