Sickle Cell Ailment: My Cry, My Story by Augusta Koroma

Sickle Cell Disease is a hereditary condition which is prevalent amongst African and certain other races. The condition which causes red blood cells to misshapen or “sickle”  is said to be as a result of evolutionary factors where certain groups developed a way to have an immunity to malaria. Unfortunately Sickle Cell Disease and it’s related conditions can cause painful crisis episodes. It is very important that everyone knows about this disease so that they can help those who suffer from it and if possible prevent themselves from having children who suffer from it. Given that this condition is so relevant for Sierra Leoneans we are happy that there is a Sierra Leonean professional who has decided to tackle this disease and shed a light on it.



Augusta Elizabeth Koroma is a Public Health Consultant, Conference Speaker and CEO of Africa Sickle Cell Centre for Education and Research (ASCC4ER) registered in Sierra Leone and CEO of Sickle Cell Intervention UK. She has over 10 years of experience in Public Health work and education. Augusta is passionate about Sickle Cell Disease awareness and Public Health issues. In addition to all her advocacy which she does, she’s  an author of two books both available for purchase through Amazon here. She also has a website “Sickle Cell Intervention” which you can visit by clicking here that has a lot of resources for Sickle Cell Disease sufferers and their loved ones.

Sickle Cell Disease carries a lot of stigma which can be a compounded issue in a country such as Sierra Leone where there are various public health issues. Augusta’s book “Practical Guideline on Public Health Invention in Africa” tackles the issue of Public Health in Africa.


You can follow and stay informed on all the work that’s Augusta is doing for Sickle Cell Disease and Public Health by following her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Don’t forget to also visit her website and check out her books on Amazon. We would like to extend a big thank you to Augusta for your tireless work in this area!


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