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Sierra Leone YouTube: Young in Freetown

Young in Freetown is a YouTube channel which chronicles the life, thoughts and experiences of two young diasporans who repatriated back to Sierra Leone and now live and thrive in Freetown. We first came across their YouTube channel which you can access by clicking here, when we saw the below video.

We loved the authenticy of this video and how it captures the Sierra Leonean spirit especially when it comes to our beloved DECEMBER. If you check their YouTube channel you can quickly see that they produce great content that makes their channel definitely one to add to your YouTube subscription list.

Sierra Leonean Grand Master Barber set to launch his YouTube channel

If you know anything about men, you know that they do not play with their hair and a great barber is extremely valuable. That is why we got excited when we came across UK based barber  Muktaru Kargbo or “MK” of MK Hair Studio & Academy. This grand master barber who has won multiple awards is set to launch his YouTube channel on December 4th. Follow MK on Instagram by clicking here to stay updated on the launch of his YouTube channel.

LXG set to perform in NJ

Diasporans in New Jersey and it’s surrounding areas will get a treat this December when one of Sierra Leone’s leading groups LXG comes to perform in December. The event will be on December 14th and will be hosted at the Rutgers Student Center.  The venue holds up to 400 so there’s lots of room to dance and enjoy as they perform their hits such as Cher Am , Galadu, Jombobla and Others.  Tickets can be purchased using eventbrite by clicking here.

Tips for Controlling a Crowd at music events


Video Source : GHNow TV

Ecofest Salone 2018 was this past Friday and feedback has been mixed. Some have applauded the event organizer’s for the first of this sort of International music event in Sierra Leone. While others were not so impressed and complained of various issues. If you attended the event however or saw pictures of this event one thing we can all agree on is that turnout was good. So how do you plan to manage crowds at large music events?

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Business Spotlight: I-gro Cosmetics

I-gro Cosmetics is located in Freetown,Sierra Leone and sells products for hair and body that are made in Sierra Leone was with natural ingredients.  They have products for adults and children. Some of their products include their I-gro Hair Recipe, I-gro Shea Glow Body Butter, I-gro Kiddies Hair Recipe and their recently launched Rosemary Honey Black Soap. To check out their products, customer reviews and obtain pricing/contact information please visit I-gro’s Instagram page.



Business Spotlight: Toya’s Creations

Toya’s Creations is a gift services business in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Specializing in gift baskets for all ages and occasions, these gift baskets are specially crafted by the owner Latoya Bianca Gerber.  What’s especially impressive about these baskets are how customizable they can be featuring a variety of eyecatching bows and packaging. The products in the basket are many, of high quality and can vary depending on exactly what you’re looking for. With so much that’s possible with these baskets, it was difficult to choose but here are a few pictures of Toya’s Creations gift baskets. They also have wonderful flowers. You can check out more pictures and obtain their contact details to place an order anywhere in the world by clicking here.



Business Spotlight: Chez Salma

Chez Salma is a dessert and confectionary business located in Freetown, Sierra Leone. You can get your custom cakes, cupcakes and other dessert from Chez Salma. They also have lebanese dessert on offer. Contact info for this business can be found on their Instagram page where you can also find tons of pictures featuring this bakers amazing work. It was difficult to choose but below are a few pictures which shows the talent and skill of this business. These images also show that they can do more traditional desserts or anything customizable.