Business Spotlight: Chez Salma

Chez Salma is a dessert and confectionary business located in Freetown, Sierra Leone. You can get your custom cakes, cupcakes and other dessert from Chez Salma. They also have lebanese dessert on offer. Contact info for this business can be found on their Instagram page where you can also find tons of pictures featuring this bakers amazing work. It was difficult to choose but below are a few pictures which shows the talent and skill of this business. These images also show that they can do more traditional desserts or anything customizable.




Business Spotlight: Lion Mountains Agrico Ltd

Lion Mountains Agrico Ltd is a vertically integrated rice producer in Sierra Leone meaning that they grow, prepare or mill, package and distribute rice. They are involved in all parts of the supply chain. They are headquartered in Bo and sell rice both retail and wholesale. They have their “Outgrowers” program where they buy rice from other small rice growers in Bo and other districts. This way these small rice growers have an access to Lion Mountain’s vast network.

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