Plan your trip this December with VisitSierraLeone

December is fast approaching. A popular time for Sierra Leoneans to visit and partake in all the festivities of the month. Many times this involves showing up home with suitcases, gifts and money but with little preparation elsewise. You want to have fun and expect to have fun but you’ve not done any research or planning before hand. Perhaps that was because in the past there wasn’t much information available online but that is increasingly changing. There is a lot of information online that you can use to plan your trip and thanks to VisitSierraLeone Travel “VSL”  this information is contained in one place. This travel company offers many services for all travelers to Sierra Leone. We selected a handful to highlight in that you can use to plan your trip this December.

Visa- Travellers to Sierra Leone require a visa unless if you have an ECOWAS passport. You can obtain your visa through the US embassy closest to you which may not be so close depending on where you reside. Or you can obtain your visa through VisitSierraLeone. According to their website visas can be ready in as little as 1-2 business days. Click here to check out their visa service.

Airport Transfer- When I travelled back home for the first time a few years ago I was a bit nervous to be traveling on my own. And unsure of what to expect. Any airport experience can feel daunting with the airport being such a busy place. If you are traveling to Sierra Leone and would like your transfer from the airport to your destination to be less daunting click here to check out VSL Travel’s airport transfer service. If you would like to transfer from Lungui (where the airport is located) to Aberdeen by sea coach (a popular option) purchase your ticket in advance with VSL Travel. On arrival you will find someone waiting for you with your name on a sign and your tickets ready. This person will even assist you with your currency transfer and SIM card purchase. If you need transfer to your hotel, they will set up a private vehicle to transfer you to your hotel. What’s even great is that VSL has identified who their airport liaison is that should be there to greet all guests, so there should be no guesswork.

Car rental- Once you get to Sierra Leone how do you plan to get around. There are taxis and other forms of travel. You can also rely on the person you’re visiting to help you navigate getting around. Or you can also check out VSL’s vehicle rental service. They have a number of vehicles (mostly SUVs which is appropriate for Sierra Leone) that you can check out in advance by clicking here and then inquire about.


Hotels all over the country- As we mentioned there increasingly there is more available online but if you would like to find out information about hotels all over Sierra Leone, see photos and get an idea about pricing and similar hotels you can also check out VSL Travel. Unfortunately you are not able to book online but you can send an inquiry or obtain contact information which you can use to quickly book your hotel. Click here to check out some hotels in the Western Area of Sierra Leone.


Tours and attractions- Sierra Leone has a lot of fun and sights to offer. This December if you would like to plan some excursions in advance you can use VSL Travel to research and even book some activities in advance. Depending on your interest I.e. the beach, historical, nature/wildlife, VSL has a lot of useful information that you can use to make sure that you’re getting the best out of your trip. Click here to check out some tours and attraction information.


To learn more about what VSL Travel can do for your trip to Sierra Leone visit them on their website, Instagram, and Twitter.