Improvement opportunities: Sierra Leone’s 2019 MCC scorecard

It was recently announced by the Anti Corruption Committee that Sierra Leone has improved its Corruption indicator on the 2019 Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) scorecard. While this improvement is great and commendable, if you look at the entire MCC scorecard however you will find that Sierra Leone is still much in the red and failed. What does it mean when Sierra Leone fails this scorecard? It means Sierra Leone will not be eligible for grants that the MCC offers to countries that pass this scorecard. Grants which can be used for beneficial economic, social and developmental programs in Sierra Leone. For example through the MCC there was a youth internship program launched in Ghana  and other countries are looking to implement this program as well to develop the skills of their youth. Sierra Leone would not be able to benefit from this program.

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Infographic: Sierra Leone’s minimum wage

You may have heard that there is a proposal to increase Sierra Leone’s minimum wage from Le 500,000 per month to Le 1,750,000 per month starting January 1, 2019; but how should you think about this?  We wondered the same and thought what better way than to put Sierra Leone’s minimum wage against other countries in Africa. We chose neighboring country Guinea and fellow West Africa countries Ghana and Nigeria. Ghana and Nigeria have enjoyed some economic growth so we wanted to see if a case could be made for higher wages equals better economic performance.  Lastly we chose Rwanda, the poster child for how a country can recover from war and thrive; and South Africa; well you know why South Africa.

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