Hejenah Entertainment signs 441 (VIDEO)


In a video posted on Hejenah Entertainment’s official Instagram page, founder and CEO Quanma commemorated the signing of 441 The Band by saying with a jovial smile that the signing is binding. 441 has just released their new single  “Konko U Bongo “ with another single “Oyando” on the way. We are excited to see what this partnership has in store.

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Limey Social: a serious contender in Sierra Leone’s social media space


And when we say serious we mean serious. Before we get to our review of this app we want to make it clear that this review is not sponsored. We came across this app on Twitter, downloaded the app and created a profile for this Social networking platform that strives to do a lot. We were thoroughly impressed and here’s why.

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What I learned from one of Sierra Leone’s preeminent DJ’s about business.



It was in late 2017 when I decided to finally put the idea which I had for “SL Biz” then SLBiz.info into action. Since I wanted the site to feature businesses so that Sierra Leoneans all over the world could find Sierra Leonean vendors, I went about building a portfolio of different businesses from various countries. This is how I came across Reginald’s twitter page. I contacted him along with a couple other Sierra Leonean djs all over the world with a well crafted introduction. He was the only who responded. He had a few questions but was happy to be featured on my site. He even provided the information I asked for in a timely manner. Continue reading “What I learned from one of Sierra Leone’s preeminent DJ’s about business.”

Infographic: Sierra Leone’s minimum wage

You may have heard that there is a proposal to increase Sierra Leone’s minimum wage from Le 500,000 per month to Le 1,750,000 per month starting January 1, 2019; but how should you think about this?  We wondered the same and thought what better way than to put Sierra Leone’s minimum wage against other countries in Africa. We chose neighboring country Guinea and fellow West Africa countries Ghana and Nigeria. Ghana and Nigeria have enjoyed some economic growth so we wanted to see if a case could be made for higher wages equals better economic performance.  Lastly we chose Rwanda, the poster child for how a country can recover from war and thrive; and South Africa; well you know why South Africa.

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