Business Spotlight: Prince Zamira

Prince Zamira is a contemporary fashion brand with clothing and accessories for men, women and children. The brand describes itself as clothing for young professionals who “work hard and play hard”. Owned by Alhaji Sallu Kargbo the brand features classic and stylish pieces such as polos, suits, belts and other accessories with rich colors, fine cuts, and tailoring. Their pricing ranges from affordable to the more investment pieces.

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LXG set to perform in NJ

Diasporans in New Jersey and it’s surrounding areas will get a treat this December when one of Sierra Leone’s leading groups LXG comes to perform in December. The event will be on December 14th and will be hosted at the Rutgers Student Center.  The venue holds up to 400 so there’s lots of room to dance and enjoy as they perform their hits such as Cher Am , Galadu, Jombobla and Others.  Tickets can be purchased using eventbrite by clicking here.

Sai Sankoh launches collection

Featured image : Senegalese Goddess Kaftan

Sai Sankoh launched her collection today and it is exactly what you would expect: Bold, striking and luxurious travel inspired pieces. And they are already selling out so definitely check out the collection ASAP if you’re looking to invest in some stand out pieces.

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Businesses: Kalibondo

Kalibondo offers freight and shipment services of goods and cars to Sierra Leone. Kalibondo offers it’s service to customers in the East Coast region of the United States (New York to North Carolina) and for a small fee will deliver your shipment to it’s final destination in Sierra Leone. Check out their website here for shipment dates, online booking and other information.