LXG show in NJ cancelled due to entry refusal into the United States

We recently reported that LXG will be performing in New Jersey. They are a very popular band and this was going to be a treat for the diaspora population in New Jersey and other surrounding States. Unfortunately they were refused entry into the US by customs and thereforw show has been cancelled. In a post on SN Radio, Doreen Paowui denied any responsibility for the incident and claims she is unaware that they were coming. She is owner of Peace, Unity and Love LLC a company that aims to promote Sierra Leonean music to the international market. Click here for Doreen’s statement. LXG has yet to comment on this issue.


Zainab Sheriff Calls out AYV and Africell for Big Brother Housemates

This was the image shared on Instagram today by Zainab Sheriff among witb the following caption below. As noted below, Zainab aired out grievances against Africell Sierra Leone and AYV for their seeming refusal to help her develop her hugely successful Big Sister Salone show but instead focusing on their own show Big Brother Housemates. Zainab developed and aired the Big Sister Salone show with AYV and Africell Sierra Leone and she is even brand ambassador for Africell. So for her to do this is taking a big risk but a risk that Zainab obviously feels is important. As reported yesterday Zainab also has another reality TV competition show which she is working on. What television channel will that show air on? This matter certainly brings a lot into question.

People were surprised that soon after Big Sister Salone ended AYV announced that there will be a new show premiering with a similar concept but no mention of whether this new show would be in  partnership with Zainab Sheriff. AYV and Africell has yet to respond but this is a first and very significant airing out of business grievances in Sierra Leone. All three parties are key players in the Sierra Leone business environment and entertainment industry so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.A4EBFD70-3CAD-4F73-87BD-B80BAAF47EC7

Our take is that competition is ok and it is not wrong for AYV and Africell to work on a competing show despite the obvious conflict of interests present. But Zainab’s accusations that they are now trying to sabotage and neglect the Big Sister Salone show which put reality TV on the map in Sierra Leone and focus on Big Brother Housemates definitely raises some ethical concerns. Zainab also alludes to how this whole matter could be because she is a woman; which obviously is wrong if that’s the case.

So far there has been encouraging comments and many references that God will handle the situation and the hashtag #istandwithbigsister used on social media. However many have been quiet perhaps because they do not want to appear to take sides until they know more about the situation? Or because AYV and Africell are important sponsors and business partners and they do not want to jeopardize their business interest.

One thought which has occurred to us is that their should be exploration by Zainab and other television stations in Sierra Leone to see if Big Sister Salone could be aired on another channel. AYV has dominated the television platform in Sierra Leone since their fairly recent arrival but there are other stations such as Star, FTN, SLBC and KTV Sierra Leone. Big Sister Salone would certainly increase viewership of these other channels. But do they have the resources and infrastructure to take on Big Sister Salone, a 24/7 reality TV show? More to come on this one. Please comment below and let us know what you think.

Holiday Season Promotions: Africell

Africell Sierra Leone has announced  their holiday season promotion. The announcement was made live and can be seen on Africell’s Facebook page by clicking here. The promotion will start on December 1st and end on the 31st of the same month.

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Line Up for DJ Rampage Mega Fest is Announced

DJ Rampage has announced the line up for his first DJ Rampage Megafest scheduled for the 23rd of this month at Shangri La Garden in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Line up includes popular artists as well as four guest djs! This should mean a plethora of sounds and flows for guests to enjoy. With a line up such as this one and his work ethic this event is sure to be spectacular.  That’s what we think but we wanted to find out how DJ Rampage himself thinks the event will be. With a smile DJ Rampage said that he thinks the event will be “superb with lots of surprises!”. Don’t miss out and get your tickets.

Sai Sankoh launches collection

Featured image : Senegalese Goddess Kaftan

Sai Sankoh launched her collection today and it is exactly what you would expect: Bold, striking and luxurious travel inspired pieces. And they are already selling out so definitely check out the collection ASAP if you’re looking to invest in some stand out pieces.

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Kenya’s PLO Lumumba who was recently denied entry into Zambia to give talk on China’s influence on Africa’s economy; is set to give a lecture on anti corruption in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone in tradition with its increasing focus to stop corruption has announced that there will be a public lecture titled “Retracing  the ‘Athens of Africa’; The Centrality of the Fight Against Corruption in Achieveing President Julius Maada Bio’s Vision of a Reborn Prosperous Sierra Leone”.

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Fashion Brand Sanuley announces some of their products will be Made in Sierra Leone (VIDEO)

Sanuley a ready to wear clothing brand based in the U.K. has announced that some of their products will now be made in Sierra Leone. Sanuley’s owner Olive Maccauley states on Sanuley’s Official Instagram page  that “It was always part of my vision for Sanuley to have tailors, seamstresses, artisans from Africa benefit from what we do. They too should have an opportunity to showcase their work and reap some reward”. This is a great initiative by Sanuley and we are happy because this will create jobs and opportunities for those in Sierra Leone.

If you are not already, keep up with Sanuley on Instagram and Twitter. Everything linked.

Check out their pieces and order from them here. They ship WORLDWIDE!