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Hejenah Entertainment signs 441 (VIDEO)

  In a video posted on Hejenah Entertainment’s official Instagram page, founder and CEO Quanma commemorated the signing of 441 The Band by saying with a jovial smile that the signing is binding. 441 has just released their new single  “Konko U Bongo “ with another single “Oyando” on the way. We are excited to see what this partnership has in store. Follow 441 and Hejenah on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Everything linked.  

NGC’s Dr. Kandeh Yum- Kella has spoken on the recent controversial salary demands of Parliamentarians

In a video posted on his Party’s, National Grand Coalition or “NGC” Facebook page, Dr. Kandeh Yum-Kella or KKY as he’s frequently referred to mentioned that he was at the airport on his way to Sierra Leone. He mentions that he understands the concerns of people over the compensation demands and that he has recommended that the compensation demands be thoroughly reviewed and considered for reasonableness in light of the current inflation in the country and  rise in fuel prices among other things.

ACC announces settlement with former NRA staff members.

Sierra Leone’s Anti Corruption Committee or “ACC” has announced a settlement with the former Commissioner General and Director of Finance of the National Revenue Authority. This latest settlement brings the figure up to over $800,000 that the ACC has collected within the past 5 months. With such hefty funds recovered Sierra Leone Biz is curious to hear how you think these recovered funds should be accounted for and spent. Which sectors or industries should the government look into developing?

Salary demands of Sierra Leone’s parliamentarians causes uproar

  It’s the images that have been going around social media in Sierra Leone and the diaspora. The itemized compensation demands of Sierra Leone’s parliament members. In addition to their salary demands, they are asking a vehicle allowance, rent allowance, and a wardrobe allowance. Given Sierra Leone’s economic situation it is no surprise that people are shocked and outraged at the figures in this proposal. While many have been appalled a few belief that such compensation demands are justified and appropriate for high ranking members of government. That if they are paid handsomely it will curb corruption and incentivize better performance while in office. With one of the least developed economies in the world one can’t help but think that perhaps these funds can be put to better use to develop various sectors. It will be very interesting to see how President Bio responds to this.

2018 Doing Business Rankings: Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone was ranked 160 out of 190 in the 2018 Doing Business rankings by the World Bank. 190 Economies are ranked on the ease of doing business in that country and a high ease of doing business means that the regulatory environment is more conducive to starting a business. The five easiest countries in the world to do business (countries with the lowest score) were New Zealand, Singapore, Denmark, South Korea and Hong Kong. The five hardest countries to do business starting from the most difficult are Somalia, Eritrea, Venezuela, South Sudan and Yemen.  In Sub-Saharan Africa the highest ranked countries are Mauritius, Rwanda, Kenya, Botswana and South Africa (ranked worldwide 25, 41 and 81-82 respectively).

AYV Media Empire Broadcasts First Televised Presidential Debate

On Thursday February 15, 2018, AYV TV part of the AYV Media Empire hosted the first televised Presidential Debate in Sierra Leone. With the elections less than a month away and this Presidential race having many candidates, it is no surprise that everyone was keen on watching this televised debate, the first of it’s kind. And AYV TV together with it’s partners did not disappoint. We wanted to highlight a couple of factors that made this televised event a success.