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Tips for Controlling a Crowd at music events

  Video Source : GHNow TV Ecofest Salone 2018 was this past Friday and feedback has been mixed. Some have applauded the event organizer’s for the first of this sort of International music event in Sierra Leone. While others were not so impressed and complained of various issues. If you attended the event however or saw pictures of this event one thing we can all agree on is that turnout was good. So how do you plan to manage crowds at large music events?

Improvement opportunities: Sierra Leone’s 2019 MCC scorecard

It was recently announced by the Anti Corruption Committee that Sierra Leone has improved its Corruption indicator on the 2019 Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) scorecard. While this improvement is great and commendable, if you look at the entire MCC scorecard however you will find that Sierra Leone is still much in the red and failed. What does it mean when Sierra Leone fails this scorecard? It means Sierra Leone will not be eligible for grants that the MCC offers to countries that pass this scorecard. Grants which can be used for beneficial economic, social and developmental programs in Sierra Leone. For example through the MCC there was a youth internship program launched in Ghana  and other countries are looking to implement this program as well to develop the skills of their youth. Sierra Leone would not be able to benefit from this program.

Make your business card do more for you.

Business cards. Many have them and if you live in the diaspora they are relatively easy and cheap to produce. We are advised to have them and swap them with business contacts as much as possible. I have to admit that I haven’t always been very good at this; mostly because I always forget to bring my business card. I think the reason for forgetting them however is less my memory and more that I have considered them boring, flat and one-dimensional. Name, title, email, maybe business address, some sort of logo.

How decision makers should approach making socially responsible and sustainable business decisions

We hear it time and again, business dealings, investment or development deals which ends up negatively impacting the people who should benefit from them. These deals negatively impact people through environmental, economical, social and many other ways. And sometimes when we hear about these deals we can’t help but wonder how could the decision makers  enter into such a bad deal?