Sierra Leone YouTube: Glam is Glass

I must admit that when I first came across this show “Glam is Glass” on YouTube my interest was immediately piqued.  Glam is Glass is a television show on Freetown Television Network. It airs every Friday from 10-11 pm with a repeat of the show on Sunday’s 2-3 pm. So what is this show about and why should you invest your time in watching it? Here’s why.

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Sierra Leone YouTube: Young in Freetown

Young in Freetown is a YouTube channel which chronicles the life, thoughts and experiences of two young diasporans who repatriated back to Sierra Leone and now live and thrive in Freetown. We first came across their YouTube channel which you can access by clicking here, when we saw the below video.

We loved the authenticy of this video and how it captures the Sierra Leonean spirit especially when it comes to our beloved DECEMBER. If you check their YouTube channel you can quickly see that they produce great content that makes their channel definitely one to add to your YouTube subscription list.

Sierra Leonean Grand Master Barber set to launch his YouTube channel

If you know anything about men, you know that they do not play with their hair and a great barber is extremely valuable. That is why we got excited when we came across UK based barber  Muktaru Kargbo or “MK” of MK Hair Studio & Academy. This grand master barber who has won multiple awards is set to launch his YouTube channel on December 4th. Follow MK on Instagram by clicking here to stay updated on the launch of his YouTube channel.