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Opinion: Sierra Leone’s government should think of ways to stimulate economic activity during Christmas time.

For those of us in the diaspora, specifically USA, we know that Black Friday is coming. All over America millions of people are waiting on this day to take advantage of sales and seemingly deep discounts. But this article is not about Black Friday. Rather it is regarding the fact that Christmas Season is approaching in Sierra Leone and instead of thinking of how the government can generate revenue by capitalizing on the seasons festivities and overseas guests to stimulate the economy, instead  we are hearing that carnivals are going to be banned. Unlike the diaspora, there appears to be no tracking and discussion of the festive seasons (Christmas- New Year and Easter in Sierra Leone) and what that does for the economy. Whereas in the diaspora prior to these important seasons, predictions are made as to what sales will occur and how the economy will perform. After the seasons have ended there is reporting on how the economy performed and low or high sales is analyzed and discussed.