What I learned from one of Sierra Leone’s preeminent DJ’s about business.



It was in late 2017 when I decided to finally put the idea which I had for “SL Biz” then SLBiz.info into action. Since I wanted the site to feature businesses so that Sierra Leoneans all over the world could find Sierra Leonean vendors, I went about building a portfolio of different businesses from various countries. This is how I came across Reginald’s twitter page. I contacted him along with a couple other Sierra Leonean djs all over the world with a well crafted introduction. He was the only who responded. He had a few questions but was happy to be featured on my site. He even provided the information I asked for in a timely manner. Continue reading “What I learned from one of Sierra Leone’s preeminent DJ’s about business.”


One of Sierra Leone’s top DJ/Entertainer and nominee in the 2018 SLEA and NEA awards will be hosting the DJ RAMPAGE MEGA FESTIVAL on November 23rd at Shangri La Garden. Pick up your ticket from these locations in Sierra Leone:

Loretta’s Kitchen- Campbell Street

Alfred’s Restaurant- Wilkinson Road

Roof Garden- Aberdeen Road/Wilkinson Road

O’Casey’s- Lumley Beach Road, Aberdeen

Faith in Star- Baibureh Road Eastend

Tickets are Le 30,000 for Regular entry and Le 250,000 for VIP.