Opinion: Stop expecting African Inspired clothing and goods to be cheap in order to purchase.



Image Source: Hen Nyandei

We’re all guilty of it. We see a beautiful bag, skirt, etc crafted and sewn in vibrant and colorful african fabric and we immediately want it. But when we ask the price and we are told that the wallet is $20 or that the skirt is $50, we immediately lose interest. In fact some feel as if their intelligence has been insulted because they know that the piece did not take a lot of Leones to produce. Some don’t even ask the price because they are of the opinion that african inspired clothing and accessories are overpriced.

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Fashion Brand Sanuley announces some of their products will be Made in Sierra Leone (VIDEO)

Sanuley a ready to wear clothing brand based in the U.K. has announced that some of their products will now be made in Sierra Leone. Sanuley’s owner Olive Maccauley states on Sanuley’s Official Instagram page  that “It was always part of my vision for Sanuley to have tailors, seamstresses, artisans from Africa benefit from what we do. They too should have an opportunity to showcase their work and reap some reward”. This is a great initiative by Sanuley and we are happy because this will create jobs and opportunities for those in Sierra Leone.

If you are not already, keep up with Sanuley on Instagram and Twitter. Everything linked.

Check out their pieces and order from them here. They ship WORLDWIDE!


Businesses: Dabor’s Twin Fashion World introduces ankara kitchen wear!



Dabor’s Twin Fashion World a fashion brand owned by twin sisters and based in Sierra Leone has introduced a line of ankara aprons and gloves made in Sierra Leone that is sure to spice up your time in the kitchen! Available in many sizzling colors and fabrics, your purchase also comes with a free bag.

If you would like to purchase one or check out Dabor’s Twin Fashion World click here to visit out their Facebook page where there are photos, reviews and more. Like, follow and also contact them on Facebook (@daborstwinfashion).

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